5 Awesome Business Lessons You Can Learn on a Golf Course

We’re all humans and we can’t be engrossed in work all the time. Sometimes we’re away for hours on end, and we might miss a few business opportunities in that time. But if those hours are spent on a golf course, you don’t really have to worry about the lack of connectivity – golf offers a great opportunity to build connections and network.

Golf is a 4 hour adventure through greens, bunkers, and many other hazards. It is still one of the best ways to nurture and maintain relationships with potential clients. While playing golf with a prospective client, you get an opportunity to see their integrity and mannerism. You also get to know their reaction to success and failure.

That said, deals are not normally closed on a golf course. If that is your sole intention, you will probably leave without signing a contract. That might even ruin your relationships with business associates or clients. Golf simply provides a low stress look into the minds of business executives.

The sophisticated world of golf provides ample opportunities to network, and it is considered the best communication hub. Golf gives you an opportunity to study how a person behaves in an adversity. Don’t worry about their sporting skills. It is equally important that you do not take the game or yourself too seriously while playing golf with a potential client. Your goal should be strengthening the business relationship.

Here are the top 5 business lessons you can learn from golf.

Give a Firm and Sincere Handshake

While shaking hands with someone, grab a firm hold and look the person in the eye. A person’s handshake will tell you a lot about them. Make sure to leave a long lasting impression.

Don’t Dwell On Your Past Victories

You may have achieved several victories on the course, but when you are out there playing another round of golf, you have to be completely ready. Forget about yesterday and deal with the present challenge.

Come Prepared

To achieve success, you have to do a lot more than just show up and try for the best. You should begin the preparation weeks in advance. This applies to business as well. Whenever you’re in a business or golf battleground, always be prepared.

Don’t be Afraid to Lose

There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, but on many occasions, this obsession with victory can make you commit several mistakes. Don’t be afraid to lose while playing. In business, too, you should be ready to take chances and fail. This will make your victories sweeter.

Make Friends With Your Enemy

It is possible to build a great relationship with your rival. Just because you are enemies on the course does not mean that you cannot be friends off it. In business, too, don’t regard your competitor as your enemy. Treat them as a challenge that encourages you to work harder.

Follow these tips on the golf course and you’ll get to learn a lot from great minds.

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