7 Productivity Killers in Every Office

This infographic delves into the 7 main productivity killers that every office faces at some point. It then offers a practical solution for all 7 issues.

1.) Noise Pollution

There’s a 66% decline in reading and writing efficiency when employees are distracted.

2.) Multiple Screens

There’s a 50% decline in productivity while using just one computer display.

3.) Natural Light

There’s a 15% decline in task focus among employees without direct sunlight.

4.) Temperature

The average office is 2-8 degrees colder than prime productivity temperature.

5.) Clutter & Lost Profits

An average of $4,800 per year is lost due to employees “looking for stuff.”

6.) Ergonomics

95% of an officer worker’s day is spent at a computer.

7.) Air Quality

Employers lose $15 billion per year due to worker inefficiency and sick leave.

Check the infographic to discover the solutions to these common issues

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