Automated Tools Can Solve Your Networking Problems


Want to find a better job or attract more clients? Networking is the key. This age old practice is still relevant today. However, now most people are busy and don’t have enough time for networking. If you are among the people who cannot find time to socialize, you have every reason to automate your networking.

Technology has made networking easier. You can find many modern tools that would help you network with people. Here are five free tools that will allow you to automate networking.


Your professional email probably already has an email signature provided by your company. You need one for your personal email as well. Your email signature should at least include your full name, email address, and phone number. You may also include the URL of your website or LinkedIn profile. This will help people find more information about your background. You can create your email signature template within your email provider. If you want more elaborate signatures, you should consider using a custom tool.


You want to network, but you will probably have to send several emails to schedule an appointment. This can be quite time consuming. Using an online scheduling program, you can save a lot of time. Using these tools, you can initiate appointments and respond to invitations.


Natural networking involves reaching out to people when there is some news or a special event. For example, one of your contacts may have received a promotion or changed jobs. By sending them a congratulatory message, you can foster your relationship with them. Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook provide updates about professional happenings like promotions and personal events like anniversaries and birthdays. Google Alerts also allows you to follow specific people or companies for breaking news.


Social media dashboards allow you to post to your social profiles. You will be able to schedule shares in advance. This eliminates the need to visit your social networks each time you have to share something with your contacts. You can share your content and other interesting articles in areas related to yours.


A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps you track your contacts information. You have to follow up if you want to reap the benefits of networking. You will have to remember your first meeting with that person, your subsequent meetings with them and follow up actions if any. A good CRM system will allow you to tag your contacts. You will also be able to include comments about that person. An Excel spreadsheet should be enough for most people. More sophisticated tools are also available for advanced users. You can talk to a vendor if you need customized software for your needs.

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