Building a Successful Family Owned Business From the Ground Up

So often today when we read about small business success, the focus is on social media, websites, mobile marketing, and trendy technology. Those things do matter in business, and they are important. However, there is something else that cannot be forgotten: the human factor.

Caring about what you do and enjoying your work is the first step in creating a successful business venture. Juan Carlos Isasi, owner and operator of Windshield Xpress, cares deeply about his business and he enjoys working hard every day to make it even more successful. He instilled the same values in his son, Juan Carlos Isasi Jr., who plans to carry on the family business after graduating from college.

Originally from Mexico, Isasi moved to the United States when he was 18 years old. He worked at several glass companies in Dallas to gain valuable industry experience. In 2000, Isasi moved to the Rio Grande Valley where he opened Windshield Xpress. Instead of focusing exclusively on financial returns, Isasi worked hard to provide outstanding products and customer service. “Running a successful business is hard work,” said Isasi. “Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations. And that starts with our people. One customer. One handshake. One delivered promise at a time.”

Isasi started his business with only four employees. He spent most days making sales in the morning and helping his employees with windshields in the afternoon. Even when he is very busy, Isasi always makes time to visit customers and ask them what they need. “We focus on our high level of service by taking the time to understand the needs of every customer and employee,” said Isasi. “And that leads us to new opportunities.”

As his business grew, Isasi brought in more people to handle the different areas of his business. He then taught them everything he knew while expanding. Isasi describes it as a fun and friendly place to work where teamwork rules. “We like to have fun,” said Isasi. “And we like to push each other to even greater success. That is how our teams grow – having a good time, while working together toward a common goal.”

Isasi also gives credit to his community. Local business owners often have incentive to support other local businesses, patronizing local establishments for both business and personal reasons. “Windshield Xpress began in neighborhoods,” said Isasi. “We owe our success to the people in those communities. We’re committed to supporting them and growing – together.”

After starting a successful glass company, Isasi set the stage for the continued success of his family-owned business.

Today, Windshield Xpress has 20 employees and the business has expanded to include commercial work and Commercial and Residential Glass. Juan Carlos Jr. plans to study architecture and engineering in college so that he can gain the knowledge and experience he needs to further expand the business. Isasi and his son share a vision for the future of Windshield Xpress. “We are still striving for success,” said Isasi. “We want to keep increasing the value of our business and broadening our footprint in the marketplace.”

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