Charismatic Leadership & The Success Ladder

Your level of charisma often determines your chances of success in both personal and professional lives. But is charisma something you are born with? Researchers believe that it isn’t. You don’t necessarily have to be a successful politician or a celebrity to be charismatic. Ordinary people can also be charismatic. In fact, you can improve your level of charisma by learning the right behaviors.

If you have a charismatic father or mother, you are more likely to learn these behaviors early.

If you do not have access to charismatic role models, you will need some practice and cultivation to make you more charismatic. But it is certainly possible.

Here are some tips to improve your level of charisma.

If you want to be charismatic, you need to pay careful attention to the way you interact with others.


Be candid. Express your feelings genuinely and spontaneously. When you are spontaneous, you will be able to affect the emotions of others. Being charismatic is all about expressing your emotions strongly. This way, you can transfer your emotions to the people you are speaking with.

While charismatic people show their emotions readily, they can also hide them. In other words they use emotions to their advantage.


Be sure to use words that your audience can relate to. The right words can tap into emotions like love, hate, hope etc. Limit the use of abstract words because most people don’t have any emotional association with them. Charismatic people have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The good news is that anybody can develop these skills with some practice.


A charismatic person is a confident person. At least they can appear to be confident. They also make other people feel confident. This way, they enhance the communication process. Remember that there is a difference between being charismatic and being boastful or egoistical.


A charismatic person is optimistic. They are cheerful and only see the positive aspects of people, events or situations. They can also instill optimism in others.


Charismatic people have interesting personalities and mannerisms. Others like to listen to them and to spend time with them. They also show genuine interest in others. They are excellent story tellers and can speak and explain in an engaging manner.

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