Cross Border Summer Travel Destinations

A true vacation is all about being out there with nature, exploring places where you haven’t been before. Taking a rejuvenating break in the countryside or beaches (not too far to reach), is the secret energy-source of many energetic businessmen.

Check the three destinations, highly recommended by traveling businessmen, for refreshing vacation experiences.

Acapulco, Mexico

People, who have been to Acapulco, say that you can never get enough of Acapulco. It just keeps presenting one treat after another. To begin with, the food here is liberally seasoned by the cross-border heritage of U.S. and Mexico. And while you relish the food, Acapulco stands ready with another famous treat – the local entertainment. The entertainment will blend your mind with color, zest, and rhythms present in the life of Mexico. Broadway in Acapulco brightens the whole city four times a year with their fabulous shows.

It’s not just food and entertainment; while you stay in Acapulco, you can also enrich your palate of art by checking the art expositions, art and cultural exhibits. There are many outdoor activities to do during the daytime. And the night is to lose yourself into delightful romantic bistros, swaying to country westerns, rock-n-roll and the trendy music.

San Luis Potosí

The second holiday destination on the list is San Luis Potosí. Spread across the windy and sun baked plains of north-central Mexico; the vast state of San Luis Potosí is a magnificent beauty. Picturesque towns, tiered pathways, blossomed parks, and splendid plazas are painted with the rich, colorful culture of the place. Taking a trip through its surrounding countryside adds to the unforgettable experience of travelling through this scenic state.

San Luis Potosí is also considered as a hub for connecting tourists to three adventurous regions – the Central Area, Altiplano and Huasteca Potosina. In the Central Area, you can treat yourself to an exotic forest climate and enjoy diving during springs. Altiplano (high plateau) is a desert, showcasing its star attraction – Real de Catorce (fascinating desert ambience and blissful experience of spiritual energy). Finally, Huasteca Potosina shares with you its thick jungles and offers sceneries beyond any comparisons. And to add to these marvels, there’s the Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato – a myriad of plains and valleys.

Along with natural wonders, you also get to witness the influences of pre-Hispanic and colonial times in the villages and towns of San Luis Potosí.


Last, but not the least, on our list is the central Gulf coast of Mexico, known as Veracruz. You begin your journey from Mexico City, descend through the southern borders of the Sierra Madre Oriental, and then travel past the country’s tallest peaks, finally reaching the broad coastal plain. In this fertile, tropical cradle the earliest of Mexican civilizations sprang to life.

Many believe that Veracruz has one of the finest varieties of wildlife in the whole of the western hemisphere. It also has one of the leading economies, gifted by its petroleum reserves and love for agriculture.

Fly away!

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