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David Armstrong – an entrepreneur, an innovator. Find out how he achieved success at an early age. Learn from him how he overcame hardships.

Core Business Solutions is a technology company, but David Armstrong believes what the company really provides is efficiency. He once spent a sum- mer internship working for the global CPA firm Price Waterhouse (now PwC) where one project influenced his entire career. “We
performed an analysis for a manufacturing client who wanted to know what each product they produced really cost. As the intern I was given the onerous task of collecting the data and analyzing it. It was incredibly boring. It also directed me into everything I do today. This was the moment where I realized the biggest expense for most companies is not a line item on the financial statement, it is the cost of inefficiency. The best way to achieve efficiency is through the use of technology. For that reason, Core Business Solutions was founded 11 years ago.”

An accountant and MBA by training, and a 20 year manager and entrepreneur by experience, David applies this efficiency mindset to his business as well as his customers. Many business people are, in his opinion, much too focused on direct costs and ignore hidden costs created by inefficiencies. “Many business owners try to save their way into profits, without looking at how they can gain more through productivity and efficiency. I once told a customer that for $60 a month he could get a new copier three times the speed as his existing one and his response was “I don’t care how fast it is … I don’t make the copies. That’s too expensive.”” A couple quick questions posed to the office staff determined that the employee making the copies spent 4 hours a day doing so. A machine three times faster would have saved 2.7 work hours or $40 a day.

Working smarter, not harder is the core mantra for success. Why spend a lot of time doing in something which could be done sooner?

This focus on efficiency through technology has directed Core Business Solutions into first office equipment – multifunction printers/copiers and computers; then into document storage and work- flow management software; managed network services; and finally mailroom equipment – folders, envelope stuffers, and bulk mail. This allows the company to offer its customers an efficiency solu- tion tailored exactly to their specific needs.

As a business, Core Business Solutions is guided by two primary principles.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Every action taken at Core Business Solutions is based on ethics and integrity. Even if it means losing a sale or sacrificing a profit we always do the right thing for the customer or team member.


Every product and service provided to customers by Core Business Solutions is utilized internally by the company in its own quest to leverage technology in order to achieve efficiency. This allows us to be very familiar with the practical application of our products and services.

Core Business Solutions is a 42 employee operation with locations in Pharr, Brownsville, and Laredo servic- ing the 17 southernmost counties of Texas. The company’s slogan, “Solutions That Work,” exempli- fies what it brings to its rapidly growing customer base. As an authorized dealer for top brands such as Savin, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Dell, Fujitsu and others, the company’s expertise is in determining what products, integrated together, offer the best solution for the customer’s needs.

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