Do You Let Your Staff Daydream?

There is a common belief that daydreaming is one of the most non-productive ways to spend an afternoon. With so many other things that can be done, daydreaming is often viewed as lazy, distracted and a waste of time. There are actually plenty of reasons to let your staff daydream, at least for a little while. Read on for five reasons why daydreaming actually helps boost employee performance.

Rejuvenates the Brain

A short daydream can actually help rejuvenate your employee’s brain as it gives them a break from the task at hand. Sitting still and letting your thoughts wander can produce new and brilliant ideas, provides a moment a rest and relaxation that allows your brain to recharge, and it calms the body and the mind. While a daydream can be viewed as non-productive, it actually does help employee production in the long run as long as the daydream is limited to a 10-15 minute span.

Everyone Deserves a Break

Your employees work hard. While you already provide the legally obligated breaks, there is nothing wrong with allowing them a breather during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Doing so can help reduce stress, anxiety and frustration and helps to get employee’s mind in a more productive state for the rest of the afternoon. Rather than having employees strain themselves in getting to their lunch break, let them know that it is okay to take a 10-15 minute break to gather their thoughts. You may be happy you’ve done so when you watch their productivity improve.

Creative Thinking Flourishes

Creative thinking certainly flourishes when the opportunity to daydream presents itself. A quiet break allows employees to gather their thoughts, form ideas, and calmly focus on the tasks that the afternoon will bring. Sometimes it is hard to think clearly with the normal hustle and bustle of the work day, however, a calm and quiet break can help provide some clarity and focus.

Working for Extended Periods of Time is Not Healthy

It is not healthy to work non-stop for extended periods of time. Eyes straining at a computer screen all day is not conducive to a productive and healthy employee over a long period of time. Allow your employees breaks to rest their eyes when possible so that you can help assure their well being.

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