The Great Benefits of B2B Marketing

From my experience, new B2B companies are often resistant to embracing social media. The common misconception is that only B2C companies can fully utilize all of the benefits from social media.

Let this infographic break that way of thinking right now. It is so easy to quickly search for a product or service that you need online. If your marketing is lacking or non-existent, more than likely your potential customers will not know that you exist. Having a presence in social media is imperative to successful marketing in today’s world.

Rishi Dave from Dell Inc. says, “We have increasingly found that our customers want to consume content – which is the center of B2B marketing.”

This infographic is a great summary of how B2B marketing is utilized and how B2B marketing budgets are only going to increase.
B2B Marketing 2013, 2014 and Beyond

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