How Being Busy Made Me More Productive

Productivity. We’re barraged by this concept on a daily basis. The irony is that we often waste time trying to increase productivity. But what does this even mean? Is it just your work efficiency? What’s interesting is that even the most productive people can’t quite define this concept.


There is more to productivity than being busy all the time. Yes, productive people are almost always doing something. However, just because you are loaded with work and always busy, it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily a productive guy. It’s not just about keeping busy. It is about meticulous time micromanagement. You will never find productive people wasting their time in pointless endeavors. They know what their priorities are. They don’t miss their deadlines, and they work toward their goals with laser-like focus. Look around you. You will find that those who are already busy are the ones ready to shoulder more responsibilities.

This coincides with high volunteering rates among parents and employed people. They are already busy with their kids and jobs; yet they are ready to do more. That is the essence of productivity.

People that have true time management take some time off during the week.


People who successfully maintain their work-life balance already have a system in place. They think a bit like project managers and this allows them to stay on track. People who can juggle six tasks won’t be swamped when they have to juggle a seventh task.


Busy people are more reliable than their lazier counterparts. In fact, it is their reliability that encourages them to be busy. When you prove yourself to be a dependable person, it builds trust. Trust is the foundation of long lasting relationships. People are more likely to work with someone they can trust. If someone has proven themselves worthy of our trust, we will work with them again and again.

Productive people deal with problems, barriers, and challenges with a problem-solving attitude. They are always looking for solutions. They don’t curse their fate when they meet with unexpected challenges. By contrast, unproductive people hate challenges. When they face problems, they force themselves to be productive. It’s a very negative outlook when compared with productive people.


The biggest difference between productive people and busy people is the time they spend not working. People that have true time management take some time off during the week. This doesn’t mean they sit around and do nothing. They pursue passions and activities that the normal work week just doesn’t allow.

After a long week, take some time to do something you love. Take a trip to a nearby park and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Having a mini adventure to look forward
to on the weekend is a great workweek motivator.

Nothing is more refreshing for the coming week than a complete disconnect.

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