Managing Energy From the Palm of Your Hand

The power of information in the palm of the hand is a wonderful thing and Magic Valley Electric Cooperative is making sure its members can use a phone, tablet or computer to stay connected and manage their energy. “Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our members in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Luis Reyes, Magic Valley Cooperative Communications Coordinator.

After seeing their Magic Valley mobile application downloaded more than ten thousand times Magic Valley is projecting their new means of communication and, with the help of the social media, that the line of communication with their members will be even faster and stronger than ever before.

On the social network, Magic Valley Electric is providing up to the minute information in English and Spanish for its members to keep informed using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Reyes said members that have downloaded the app and are using it to pay bills and receive outage notifications. The mobile application can be downloaded through Google Play or iTunes.

Magic Valley was providing information in English and Spanish during the most recent storm and they found members were satisfied with the constant updates even though members had a power outage, according to Reyes.

“We want to make it easy for our members to view the outages and report outages with the use of the Magic Valley App that shows users the entire area power grid” Reyes said.

Today Magic Valley has 110 thousand meters and close to over 94 thousand members. Magic Valley services six counties: Hidalgo, Willacy, Cameron, Starr, Brooks and Kenedy totaling 4,977 miles of energized power lines. In 2014 over two billion kilowatt hours were sold and Magic Valley is averaging two thousand new members a year.

“We also use a statewide magazine, called the Texas Co-op Power Magazine that is sent out to all of our members on a monthly basis. Every month our members get that magazine and inside there are eight pages dedicated to Magic Valley,” Reyes said.

In 1936 President Roosevelt helped by passing the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) to provide commercial electric companies loans to supply power to rural areas a law to help rural communities get power lines. And the first 125 members of Magic Valley were given electricity when the first thirty-seven miles of power lines were set up with the help of a two hundred thousand-dollar loan. Seventy-eight years later, Magic Valley Electric Cooperative has grown from two hundred members to over ninety-four thousand members receiving power. “Back in the 1930’s most of the cities had electricity but it was very expensive for the electric companies to set up power lines in the rural areas,” Reyes said.

The power of electricity has brought the community Magic Valley serves out of the dark. Magic Valley makes every effort to keep in touch using social media and their new mobile app and they are staying connected by keeping their members connected to the power of mobile communications that get recharged every day with Magic Valley Kilowatts

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