Orlie Ochoa Finds the Perfect Ingredients to a Successful Business

McAllen, TX – Having a vision and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture. Orlie Ochoa, owner and operator of McAllen Bar-B-Cutie, not only envisioned his dream but through orchestrated pursuit has become a successful entrepreneur.

Rather than focusing on financial returns at startup, Orlie put his energy into constructing a solid business based on VISION, PEOPLE, QUALITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE, SALES & BRAND AWARENESS, and FINANCIAL RETURN (IN THIS EXACT ORDER!!!). “A good VISION”, Orlie says, “is crucial to making any business successful. Great PEOPLE, positioned in the right job, are vital to successful day-to-day operations. Once the proper people are in place, exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE is attainable. Then, you can work on your SALES which will lead to BRANDING. ‘Never market your store on bad brisket.’ After the business is forged using those solid posts, FINANCIAL RETURNS will follow. The biggest mistake a business owner can make is going into business focusing primarily on financial returns before any of the infrastructures of his business has been fabricated,” finishes Orlie.

Orlie holds to the belief that your business and the employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make people a key value in your company, your team will follow suit. “People are my true passion,” states Orlie. Each and every person Orlie comes into contact with can sense the care he has for people. People can change the world, and one of Orlie’s greatest pleasures is the fact the he can make a difference to someone. “The greatest feeling is seeing an employee you hired blossom right in front of your eyes. He or she could become a manager in your business, or they used you and your business as a stepping stone. The reward is awesome. At the end of the day you can sit back and say,’ Man, I actually developed someone who can go out on their own and run a restaurant themselves or run someone else’s restaurant! It’s the greatest feeling in the world!!” says Orlie.

If you expect your team to work hard, you have to live by example. Orlie says one of his biggest challenges is walking the line of working hard IN his business and working hard ON his business. There is no greater motivation to employees than to see their leader working down in the trenches alongside with them and yet you also have to spend time making sure business operations are managed superiorly. “I try to balance my time on both ends,” remarks Orlie, “but it’s a balancing act that I will always be perfecting.”

Helping your team to feel invested in the accomplishments of the company is vital to a company’s growth. Orlie gives his employees a sense of ownership in the business. In management and team member meetings, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions. Inspiring your team members to see the vision of future success is crucial.

Because of loyal patrons, outstanding employees and great venders, Orlie’s vision of future success is currently being brought to reality. Plans to add 1000 square feet of seating area to his existing restaurant site by early June 2014 are in the works. Also, Orlie and his team are working to get everything in place so that Bar-B-Cutie #2 can be built by in the near future. Bar-B-Cutie #2 is projected to serve the people in South McAllen! In the next 5 years, Orlie hopes to open stores in McAllen, Edinburg and in the Rio Grand Valley area.

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