Viral Marketing is More Efficient Than Your Marketing

It creates engagement and increases your credibility, popularity and reputation. It all boils down to creating something that your potential customers want to share. If they find value in something they will naturally share it with their network.

If you do business online, you can’t ignore the importance of virality. This does not mean that 10,000 ‘likes’ on a social networking site is more important than a review in an elite newspaper. It probably isn’t. But virality is still important.

Every serious business has an online presence now. And almost every site built during the last five years has social share buttons and email subscription forms on them.

A serious marketer has to get their content shared. The more content you share, the more people will see it and do business with you. But that is not the only reason to get your content go viral. There are several other reasons too.


One of the first things that people consider when visiting a website is the popularity of the content. They measure popularity by counting the number of social shares. How many people have shared the content on LinkedIn and ‘liked’ it on Facebook? If the article has been shared several times, people will immediately arrive at the conclusion that it is worth reading. If it hasn’t been shared, they may move to something else.


Credibility is almost always measured in terms of popularity. In the good old days, writers were more than happy to get their content reviewed by a good newspaper. Now they are more interested in getting tweets and likes.

Digital popularity has become even more important now because customers are online. Companies who provide goods and services online can no longer ignore content marketing. Content is what drives people to their site and good content will help them create engagement with their customers.

Thanks to the growing popularity of social media, word of mouth has more or less lost its importance. Few people actually engage in face-to-face interactions now. Now people communicate through their Instagram photos and Facebook posts. If you have post something people actually want to look at, it is far more powerful than an expensive TV ad. Talking to a potential client face-to-face may be more valuable than getting a single ‘like’. But what if you can get 10,000 ‘likes’ as opposed to 100 conversations in a day? That is the power of viral content. It helps you get more popularity and visibility in less time. In short, viral marketing is more efficient than traditional methods of marketing.


During the last 3-4 years, social media jobs swelled from 16,000 to over 180,000. These jobs are about creating, finding and keeping content viral.


If people are visiting your site and sharing your content, your reputation is also increasing. This will result in more revenue.

Most people understand the importance of virality. What they don’t understand is how they can get their content shared online. The best way to make your content go viral is to give people an incentive to share it. If you give them something they deem valuable, they will definitely share it with the whole world. It is easier said than done. And many businesses may take months or even years to figure out how this can be accomplished.

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