Social Media Trends That Will Rock 2016

2016 is here with new social media trends, and it’s time for marketing businesses to catch up with what’s hot. Planning strategies and campaigns have to be aligned with current and popular trends.

Here’s what experts suggest to look out for:


Certain popular social media sites have added a “buy” feature for their users and advertisers. Users view a product of interest through sponsored posts, and purchase it with one single click. They don’t need to exit the app. For mobile users, there’s nothing like this feature. This trend of “buy” buttons have proven to be successful, and more and more social platforms are going to follow the trend. So, “buy” buttons are going to play a key role for advertising and marketing campaigns.


Leading social media sites constantly work on introducing new functionalities. Features like in-post search engine to search articles for referencing, and video clips that automatically play as you scroll, are getting popular with users. Plus, there’s news about a new feature called “digital assistant” being developed. The whole idea is to keep the users hooked to social in-apps and avoid circumstances where they need to leave.


Social media is all about instant updates. A more popular term is in-the-moment updates. One good example is the recent addition of a feature that allows users to share live video broadcasts. Imagine how much fun this feature will be, compared to simply uploading regular videos. Users get to share live experiences — in-the-moment update. This, right here, is a new era of social media.


Publishers tied up with social media sites can now publish complete articles on the respective sites for users to view, without having them click on links leading to external sites. This feature offers publications right in the user’s reach. To keep users stick to in-apps, business organizations are working hard to develop even more sophisticated forms of publishing articles. The aggressive competition between social platforms is providing users some truly helpful options.


2015 showed the extent of profile security breaches. Users have never been more concerned about their privacy like today. Social media leaders have been putting loads of efforts to gain their users’ trust by adding more and more security measures to ensure safe communication and exchange of data. Private. Secured. Users are now on the lookout for these two assurances. And social media has put it on its priority list.

These soon-to-be-popular trends tell business organizations and their marketing campaigns that the whole game is now about NOT giving the user the option to leave their respective in-app. In-app has to be completely self-sufficient and innovative at the same time. Also, concerns of security and privacy can no longer be taken lightly. Users are definitely going to benefit a lot. So keep an eye on these social media trends and make the most out of it.

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